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About Us

My name is Sue Rees Evans and in 2010 I became the British Dragonfly Society’s Shropshire County Recorder and the Odonata Tsar for the Shropshire Ecological Data Network (SEDN). This simply meant I gathered, collated and verified species records of dragonflies before sending these records on to the British Dragonfly Society and the SEDN.

Whilst in this role I was approached by accomplished naturalist and author Paul Hope who was planning a book on Shropshire dragonflies. We teamed up with the intention of producing a local field guide only to find website technology advancing a pace and enabling us to publish far more information and photographs online than we could ever hope to in a book. To that end we have together produced the text for this website which we really hope you find informative and enjoy.

Emperor Dragonfly  Photograph © M. Randall

It would be impossible to produce the species distribution maps on this site without the biological records made by many people in Shropshire over many years. These records equate to an unthinkable number of hours spent voluntarily enjoying and recording dragonflies. Time has also been dedicated by numerous keen dragonfly photographers who have been happy to contribute some incredible images to this site. To all dragonfly recorders and photographers we are and continue to be extremely grateful – THANK YOU!


In addition I would like to thank Jonathan Groom (Shropshire Council Biodiversity Data Officer) for producing the SEDN distribution maps and sites map and Helen Barclay of Pepper Street who somehow enabled me to embrace the modern world and write this website!