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Azure Damselflies on the wing

By May 13, 2016Blog

It seems things have been slow to get going this season, but I’m glad to report J.Shields has seen Azure Damselfly emerging from her pond in Hanwood. This female clearly shows the narrow antehumeral stripes and the coenagrion spur (short black line on side of thorax) that help distinguish this species from Common Blue Damselfly females (which may also be emerging as we speak…).

Jan also reports large reds still emerging. The photo on the far left shows a male -distinguished from the female by the bulge on the underside of his upper abdomen. The great close up on the right also gives us a clear view of 3 simple eyes (ocelli) arranged in a triangle between the large compound eyes. These are light sensitive and are believed to have a possible function as ‘horizon detectors’ controlling roll and pitch movements in flight.