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Beautiful sight near Morville

By May 26, 2015Blog

Fabulous to enjoy a bit of sunshine today and whilst visiting Pam’s Pools near Mor Brook I was greeted by a good number of Beautiful Demoiselles Calopteryx virgo. Great to see both males and females in good numbers though typically I was without camera so I have sneaked in one of Jonathan Grooms pics from last year.

A good number of teneral Common Blue Damselflies Enallagma cyathigerum were about and then suddenly overhead a Four-spotted Chaser Libellula quadrimaculata -really good to finally see a few species on the wing! Again due to my lack of camera I’ve taken the liberty of posting one of Barry Smith’s pics below taken this time last year at Whixall Moss.

And speaking of Whixall Moss- has anyone seen White-faced Darter yet?

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