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Clouds of Four-spotted Chasers

By June 3, 2021Blog

Jan Shields has had an amazing visit to Aston Locks where she saw up to 100 Four-spotted Chasers including emergent and teneral individuals and many on the wing- really great to hear of such numbers of dragonflies! She also saw 6 species of damselfly including Red-eyed Damselfly pictured far below left illustrating it’s textbook behaviour of settling on lilypads.

Jan has also sent in a lovely photo of Large Red Damselflies at her garden pond in the mating wheel -often described as a love heart shape which is definitely the case here. The last 2 photographs are both from the River Severn at Frankwell where Banded Demoiselles and Common Clubtails are currently emerging. They are both regularly seen even in the busiest section of river running through The Quarry park- worth a look if you get the chance!