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Emergent Demoiselles…

By May 27, 2021Blog

Paul Spear has sent in these great photos of Demoiselles emerging at Coalbrookdale. Pictured left is the mature larvae…though difficult to tell if Beautiful or Banded without a closer look…and both species were present. Below left we see the emergent adult next to the exuviae and below right with a sideview we can see the band of pigment starting to develop on the wing illustrating a Banded Demoiselle. The larvae and exuviae of these species are really distinctive with long spidery legs and being quite straight and ‘stick-like, in appearance.

Some stunning shots of mature adults are pictured below (Banded left, Beautiful on the right) and below these a couple of great head on Clubtail photos. If you look at the head closeup you can see how small the antennae are certainly in comparison to the enormous eyes…clearly visual predators!