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Flying High in the Great British summer!

By July 25, 2014Blog

Some amazing weather enabling some great dragonfly recording including Paul Hope spotting 11 species at Walford Pool including Red-eyed Damselfly, Black-tailed Skimmer and Ruddy Darter.

Meurig Garbutt has also taken up the challenge of in flight photography with some great results of Common Hawker at Titterstone Clee. Unfortunately for some reason these pics lose quality (the originals are great!) as I put them on the blog, but you can still see the yellow costa (leading edge of the wing),  the 2 side stripes on the thorax and the straight uptilted position of the abdomen.

Meurig also sent a great in flight pic of the Emperor which I will attempt to post when the quality can be sorted, but fortunately in the meantime here is a lovely stationary shot of the male Emperor showing the strong black dorsal line, solid apple green thorax and again a yellow costa. This was seen by Rob Stokes at Mousecroft Pool yesterday.


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