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Flying over acidic waters…

By August 3, 2020Blog

Jim Almond has been visiting some of our acidic boggy sites and sent in some lovely photos…not least these fabulous Common Hawker shots (left & left & right below)seen at Titterstone Clee Hill. The teneral is a male with a far more waisted abdomen than the female and the diagnostic ‘narrow yet prominent’ antehumeral stripes on the thorax. Jim also visited The Bog at Stiperstones and took the photos of Emerald Damselfly; the powder blue pruinesence seen clearly on the male (far below left) and the contrasting beige colours on the female (far below right). A mating pair also formed the near perfect ‘love heart’ shape in cop as did a pair of Black Darters (far far below right)- another of our acidic water species and the smallest dragonfly found in the UK.