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Golden-ringed dragonfly moves in!

By July 6, 2021Blog

Theresa Jones has had the extraordinary experience of wondering into her living room to find a Golden-ringed Dragonfly! Even stranger, Theresa’s living room is not surrounded by typical Golden-ringed habitat, but in Longden just southwest of Shrewsbury. As you can see in the photos the male dragonfly had clearly sustained some damage to the abdomen though how it arrived in Longden is a mystery. Theresa put it outside where it did eventually fly off, though sadly a day or 2 later Theresa found a pair of wings on the lawn which indicate it didn’t go far for long!

In 2016 there was an unusual Golden-ringed sighting on the River Onny so this species does seem prone to unexpected sightings!

Elsewhere, Nick Moss has reported Brown Hawkers are on the wing- seen at Severn Country Park on 4th July. If anyone happens to get a photo of these stunning insects please do send it in.