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Great weather for dragonflies!

By June 6, 2018Blog

The sun keeps shining and the photos keep coming! Stuart Bolt has been back to Sainsburys in Telford..not for shopping I hasten to add, but for Emperor Dragonflies (left). Elsewhere Ron Parnell has been enjoying Broad-bodied Chasers in Church Stretton and sent in this lovely shot of an immature male (below left) showing the blue pruinescence creeping up the abdomen. Jan Shields has had an interesting sighting of a female White-legged Damselfly (below right) at Radbrook pond in Shrewsbury. This species is under close observation by the BDS due to a suspected decline in some areas -not in Shropshire it would appear…though usually seen on rivers and canals not ponds. And lastly, Tim Preston has been observing White-legged Damselflies in more usual habitat on the River Severn along with Common Clubtails- 2 great photos shown below.