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Keep an eye on the borders…

By July 25, 2014Blog

Rob Edwards has been enjoying Emperors, Brown Hawkers and Golden-ringed Dragonflies at Wildmoor Pool alongside Common Blue, Azure and Emerald Damsels.

He also brought my attention to the fact that Worcestershire are reporting ‘a definite increase in Small Red-eyed Damselfly abundance.’ This species is as yet unrecorded in Shropshire though there is every reason to expect it’s arrival soon. The Worcestershire dragonflies site reports typically finding this species on pools with lily pads, milfoil, hornwort and algal mats. I’ve used 2 pics from the British Dragonfly Society to illustrate the differences between Red-eyed and Small Red-eyed below for those keen to get the first County Record:
This is the male Small Red-eyed Damselfly: Bright red eyes and the blue coloration on the abdomen extends onto the sides of segment 2 from the thorax and onto the lower half of segment 8 from segment 9. A black ‘X’ mark is just about visible on the dorsal surface of segment 10 which effectively divides the blue coloration into 2 large spots.

This is the male Red-eyed Damselfly: Deeper burgundy red eyes and the blue coloration is only visible on segments 1,9 and 10. The blue does not bleed onto segment 2 and is barely visible on segment 8 (only on the very underside of the segment). There is no black X mark dividing the colour on segment 10. The wings also extend further down the abdomen than in the Small Red-eyed.
Good luck!

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