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Paul Thomas has sent in some wonderful inflight photos of our largest UK species the Emperor Dragonfly. Pictured left is the female and below, the male and both photos clearly show how they neatly tuck their legs away in flight- including tucking the 1st pair right up behind the eyes! These were photographed along with this Four-spotted Chaser on The Burwarton Estate on the slopes of Brown Clee Hill.

Slightly smaller, but no less beautiful Banded Demoiselle has been photographed by Julian Cartwright at Preston Montford; the male far below left and female far below right. Julian has also seen White-legged Damselfly and his photo (botton left) clearly illustrates the broad flattened white legs of the male that the females apparently find irresistible!

Elsewhere Jonathan Lingard has seen the first Brown Hawkers for this summer down in the Wyre Forest. No photos so do send some in if you see this species- another of our very large magnificent dragonflies!