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The joy of blue damselflies…

By June 2, 2014Blog

Barry Smith has been keeping an eye on Whixall Moss this weekend and reports numerous Azure, Large Red and Blue-tailed Damselflies and Four-spotted Chasers and White-faced Darters. A reported hive of activity with ovipositing and copulating going on all over the place! The pics below allow us to enjoy some of the complexities of blue damselflies- 3 photos of the same species!

A  male
A female- green form
A female- blue form

The latter is similar to the blue form of the female Variable Damselfly which has more extensive blue markings on segments 4 and 5 of the abdomen. The best way to separate these is to look at the shape of the rear margin of the pronotum- the structure behind the head. Good luck!

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