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The joy of exuviae!

By June 25, 2014Blog

Popped out to a couple of ponds near The Bog, Stiperstones and saw a good number of hawkers emerging. Fantastic to see both a Common Hawker (first I’ve heard of this season!) and a Southern Hawker whirring their wings before taking their first flight. Typically I was camera-less, but fortunately I was able to reach a good number of exuviae and photograph them at home!


The photo shows the difference in the shape of the mask between the Common Hawker on the right (broader mask) and the Southern Hawker on the left (narrower mask). I know exuviae aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re the best record we can get as they confirm successful breeding at a site.  Even if you can’t bear to look at them please collect them – all exuviae specimens very happily received!

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