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The rewards of having your own pond…

By May 24, 2020Blog

I’m always thrilled when dragons and damsels emerge from our own pond, but I’d be exceedingly happy if like Yvonne from Cross Houses I had a regular emergence of Emperor Dragonflies! Yvonne has seen many Emperors emerge from her pond (illustrated here by the collected exuviae) and though many have taken their maiden flight under the cover of darkness or very early in the morning, Yvonne was lucky enough to spot a ‘late riser’ completing the process.

Jim Almond has also been observing comings and goings on his pool and sent in these fantastic photos of Large Red Damselflies (far left) and Azure Damselflies (near left) in tandem. A photo of a tandem pair is always a great chance to directly compare the male and female of each species, the female always having a broader abdomen.