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Upland species still out in force

By August 21, 2014Blog

This Tuesday I was out ‘Discovering Dragonflies’ for the National Trust with 14 enthusiasts all dodging showers at Wildmoor Pool. Many of the late summer species were out in force including the stunning yet small Black Darter. Bob Edwards took this pic of a female showing the stocky parallel sided abdomen and the prominent vulvar scale at the end of the abdomen. The 3 yellow spots are also clear -found on both the female and male:

We also bumped into Paul Hopwood who took a great photo of the male Black Darter below -showing the more waisted /club- shaped abdomen:

Paul also got lovely pics of a few other Upland regulars both at Wildmoor Pool and Pole Cottage Pools further along the Long Mynd plateau:
Emerald Damselfly
Common Darter
Southern Hawker

And a fabulous flying Common Hawker.
At the other end of the county Sue Hiatt was enjoying a marvellous stationary Golden-ringed Dragonfly resting on vegetation in the Wyre Forest:


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