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…well maybe one more!

By July 19, 2021Blog

I almost knew as I typed the words ‘there’ll be no more White-faced Darters’ that I was tempting fate…and here we are with a photo from John Kirkland taken on 16th July at Whixall Moss. John saw a host of other species too including Brown Hawkers, Black-tailed Skimmer, Black Darter, Emerald Damselfly and a possible but unconfirmed fly past from a Migrant Hawker.

Elsewhere Jan Shields is happy to report at least 7 Common Darters have made it passed their ever-hungry (and presumably fat) robin and successfully emerged. Jan’s photos below show a number of useful diagnostic features for Common Darter; a yellow stripe on the legs, antehumeral stripes and the lack of a frons side line (no black lines extending down the side of the frons like a long moustache).