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White-faced Darters

By May 23, 2018Blog

So things really got underway just as I headed out of the county! Stephen Barlow saw the first White-faced Darters emerging on 4th May and captured this photo of a teneral female. Large Red Damselflies were also on the wing at Whixall Moss and the following day Stephen also saw the first Shropshire Four-spotted Chaser of 2018. The following week on May 10th Azure Damselflies were seen at Whixall Moss and Stephen sent in this lovely shot of a teneral female. Whixall Moss always seems to be the first place to show significant activity of adult dragon and damselflies though other locations soon catch up and I certainly have Azure Damselflies on the pond in Shrewsbury now.

Paul Spear visited Whixall Moss on May 20th and recorded further Large Red Damselflies, Four-spotted Chasers and White-faced Darters- also taking this lovely sequence of photos as a White-faced Darter emerged.