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Wonderful White-legged Damselflies

By May 30, 2017Blog

A busy weekend for White-legged Damselflies! I found a good number of exuviae on the banks of the River Severn in Shrewsbury and David Williams saw a large number of tenerals at Hampton Loade…including this one he captured face to face! Below (left) is a picture of a male taken at Marl Allotment, Whixall by John Balcombe and a female (right) taken at the same location by Stephen Barlow.

In addition to 44 White-legged Damsels, David Williams also saw 69 Banded Demoiselles on the River Severn- the most he’s ever seen in May. He also saw a couple of mating pairs who both interestingly split just as he approached (not before he managed to get this photo however!). David was wondering if this ‘camera shy’ behaviour was typical of the species so if any of you have had a similar experience when photographing Banded Demoiselles please get in touch.