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Shropshire Dragonfly Events 2023

Male Ruddy Darter. Photograph © D. Williams

As well as dragonfly walks and talks there are a number of Shropshire based courses that focus on adults, larvae and exuviae and the fascinating life cycle of these insects. If you know of any planned Shropshire dragonfly events that you would like me to list here or if you would like me to give a talk or provide some identification training then please do get in touch.

STOP PRESS: Pam’s Pools Dragonfly Safari postponed until Sat 29th July due to bad weather

Introduction to Dragonflies and Damselflies

10am-5pm Saturday 17th June, 2023 Preston Montford FSC Centre

10am-5pm Saturday 1st July, 2023 Bishops Wood FSC Centre

Aim: Sue Rees Evans is running an introduction to the natural history of dragonflies and damselflies.

This beginner course presents a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of dragonflies and damselflies. You will be introduced to their fascinating lifecycle before observing the different life stages in action out in the field. The day will be rounded off by exploring how you can take your interest further and actively contribute to the conservation of this group of insects.

For full details please follow this link:

Introduction to Dragonflies and Damselflies

Cost: £60

Whixall Moss Dragonflies & Butterflies Walk

Date: Saturday 17th June, 2023

Time: 2pm – 4.30pm

Join Stephen Barlow for this dragonfly and butterfly focused walk on Whixall Moss.

For further details and to book please follow this link
or email

Damselfly Identification Course provided by Cricklade Court Leet

10am-4.30pm Saturday 10th June, 2023

North Meadow NNR, Cricklade, North Wiltshire

Aim: Run by Sue Rees Evans this course is aimed at all those with a desire to learn how to identify these stunning insects. Aimed at beginners we hope to introduce you close-up to a number of damselflies so that you will leave confident in your own abilities to identify them and make species records.

The morning will be spent at Jenner Hall introducing damselflies and dragonflies and clarifying the differences between the two. An identification workshop then follows enabling us to recognise the diagnostic features of damselflies and identify a good number of species.

After a walk to North Meadow Nature Reserve for lunch the afternoon will be largely spent walking around the reserve allowing you to put your identification skills into practice. You will also be shown how to safely net individuals for identification purposes before releasing them unharmed.

The day will conclude back at the Jenner Hall with an explanation of how to use these skills to make biological species records.

For full details please follow this link

Damselfly Identification Course

Cost: £25

Dragonfly Safari at Pam’s Pools Nature Reserve, Bridgnorth

10am-3pm Saturday 8th July 2023

Postponed until Sat 29th July due to bad weather

Join Shropshire Dragonfly Recorder Sue Rees Evans for a walk in the wilds at Pam’s Pools NR. The aim of the day is to identify and record as many different species of dragonfly and damselfly as we can whilst taking the opportunity to learn about their fascinating lifecycle. The reserve is fairly large so the day will be split into 2 halves:

Morning: 10am – Brief introduction to the life cycle and explanation of how we survey a site for dragonflies. We’ll then walk around Upper and Lower Pools using live specimens to illustrate the differences between dragon and damselflies. Those who wish will be shown how to safely net individuals for identification purposes before releasing them unharmed. This is not a formally taught course, but as we net different species Sue will explain how to recognise those diagnostic features that tell us what it is! This will serve as revision for some and an introduction to identification for others.

Lunch: 12.15-1.00 Packed lunch

Afternoon: 1pm – We’ll head further afield walking around more pools on the reserve whilst trying to spot as many species as possible! As the afternoon draws to a close Sue will clarify what make a good biological record and outline a number of different ways in which you can contribute to our knowledge and conservation of dragonflies.

NB. Participants are welcome to attend the full day safari or just the morning session. We would ask that you don’t just attend in the afternoon as this enables full day participants to build on their knowledge gained in the morning rather than starting again.

What to bring:Suitable outdoor boots for rough wet ground. The day is largely outside so suncream, sunhats, waterproofs depending on forecast. Water bottle also advised. Packed lunch.

The latest ‘Field Guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland’ by D. Smallshire & A. Swash will be available for purchase at £17.95 (NB.correct cash/cheque only)

Please be aware the full day will cover a distance of approximately 4km.

Cost: £5

Booking: email or phone 07793939291 – no texts. For more information on the reserve and directions:

Identification of Dragonfly Larvae and Exuviae 

10am-5pm Sunday 24th September, 2023

Preston Montford FSC Centre

Aim: Sue Rees Evans is running a dragonfly larvae and exuviae identification workshop aimed at beginners.

The course commences with an introduction to dragonfly larvae and the part they play in the dragonfly lifecycle. Participants will then be introduced to the features used to identify specimens and an indoor practical workshop then focuses on the identification of exuviae.

After lunch we will focus on larvae, dipping in the field centre ponds and  hopefully finding some specimens enabling us to practice some hands-on identification. The afternoon will be completed by returning to the classroom to discuss how to take your interest further by actively contributing biological records to inform the conservation of dragonflies and damselflies.

For full details please follow this link

Larvae and Exuviae ID

Cost: £75