Shropshire Dragonflies

Shropshire Dragonflies

Shropshire Dragonflies

Welcome to the fascinating world of Shropshire dragonflies!

The aim of this website is to encourage all who have an interest in dragonflies to get to know them better and become involved in identifying and recording the species you see in Shropshire.

Only in this way can we establish those habitats of greatest importance in conserving our local populations. So grab your binoculars, cross your fingers for Shropshire sunshine and go out and enjoy these fabulous insects!

Click on the menus to find:

  • Photographs, descriptions and distribution maps of all Shropshire species
  • Top tips on identification and a guide to recording so you can join in!
  • The latest sightings in the Shropshire Dragonfly Watch blog and the annual Shropshire Dragonfly News
  • Local dragonfly events providing a chance to get some hands on identification experience
  • Information on Shropshire dragonfly habitats and  places to visit
  • Details of the incredible dragonfly life cycle


Details of 2 ID days and Whixall Moss tours in 2021- see Events Page

Large Red Damselflies on the wing 15th April!

Willow Emerald species page now available under Species Coming Soon…

All change for 2021-  Sue Rees Evans is really pleased to be returning to the role of County Recorder and will be keen to receive all your sightings and great photos as the season gets underway.


Photograph © R.Stokes

Twenty- two species of dragonfly have been recorded in Shropshire. Click the link below to find out more.

More about Dragonflies



Photograph © G. Hiatt

Eleven species of damselfly have been recorded in Shropshire. Click the link below to find out more.

More about Damselflies


Photograph © G. Hiatt

Find out how to identify our Shropshire species and top tips to make life easier!

More about identification

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Completing the Variable picture..

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Earlier this month Jim Almond sent in photos of the female Variable Damselfly blue form and to complete the picture we now have a female dark form (left and below left). These striking pictures not...

Hairy things to bear in mind…

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Just a reminder that last spring in the Wyre Forest we saw the first Hairy Dragonflies in Shropshire for a while. The most recent previous confirmed record was a one-off sighting at Whixall Moss in 2013....

Taking a closer look…

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Another glorious photo of a recently emerged Four-spotted Chaser has been sent in by Stephen Barlow. I've zoomed in on a couple of areas just to enjoy the finer detail. Below left you can see the black...