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Dragonfly Sites to Visit

Dragonfly sites to visit
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This map highlights some of the best Shropshire sites for viewing dragonflies that are open to the public. These include some of the most species rich sites in the county such as Whixall Moss, Dudmaston and Venus Pool.

The numbers relate to a list of site names in the key below. Click on these names to link to the relevant website with further information including directions.


A number of good dragonfly rivers have also been labelled on the map. Whilst it is impractical to describe all access points a number of canal and river locations are described on the Habitat Types page.


1. Aston Locks

Access from Queens Head SO339268

2. Attingham Park

3. The Bog at Stiperstones

Main pool above car park area.

4. Brown Moss

5. Carding Mill Valley

6. Cole Mere

7. Cramer Gutter

8. Dolgoch Quarry

9. Dudmaston

10. Eardington NR

11. Granville Country Park

12. Llynclys Common

13. Pole Cottage Pools

Located at SO413938 on the Long Mynd plateau above Carding Mill Valley. Car park approx.  100m from pools which are situated behind the fenced off area.

14. Prees Branch Canal

15. Severn Valley Country Park

16. Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

17. Telford Town Park

18. Titterstone Clee Hill

Parking available at SO593776

19. Venus Pool

Please note this is primarily a bird watching site and good binoculars are recommended in order to be able to see dragonflies from the hides.

20. Wem Moss

21. Whixall Moss

Leaflet also available to download here

22. Wildmoor Pool

Located at SO425965 on the Long Mynd plateau above Carding Mill Valley. Limited car parking space in lay by next to pool.

23. Wood Lane

24. Wyre Forest

Link is to main Wyre Forest visitor centre situated just outside Shropshire. Shropshire parts of Wyre Forest can also be accessed by parking near Buttonoak (SO745783) and following bridleways in to the Longdon Orchard, Wimperhill Wood and Dowles Brook areas.