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Shropshire Dragonflies


Shropshire Dragonflies


Shropshire Dragonflies

Welcome to the fascinating world of Shropshire dragonflies!

The aim of this website is to encourage all who have an interest in dragonflies to get to know them better and become involved in identifying and recording the species you see in Shropshire.

Only in this way can we establish those habitats of greatest importance in conserving our local populations. So grab your binoculars, cross your fingers for Shropshire sunshine and go out and enjoy these fabulous insects!

Click on the menus to find:

  • Photographs, descriptions and distribution maps of all Shropshire species
  • Top tips on identification and a guide to recording so you can join in!
  • The latest sightings in the Shropshire Dragonfly Watch blog and the annual Shropshire Dragonfly News
  • Local dragonfly events providing a chance to get some hands on identification experience
  • Information on Shropshire dragonfly habitats and  places to visit
  • Details of the incredible dragonfly life cycle

STOP PRESS: Sign up to help our Upland Dragonflies as part of the Stepping Stones Project- click here for full details!


SHROPSHIRE BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOTS MAP now available on the Recording-Where page. Take a look at this great interactive resource telling you what species are where and so highlighting those areas in need of more recording.


Photograph © R.Stokes

Twenty- two species of dragonfly have been recorded in Shropshire. Click the link below to find out more.

More about Dragonflies



Photograph © G. Hiatt

Twelve species of damselfly have been recorded in Shropshire. Click the link below to find out more.

More about Damselflies


Photograph © G. Hiatt

Find out how to identify our Shropshire species and top tips to make life easier!

More about identification

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Jim Almond has been enjoying 'the blues' at a private site just south of Shrewsbury. Pictured left is a male Variable Damselfly- a rare species in Shropshire identified by the characteristic broken antehumeral stripes giving…

Emperors take to the skies…

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19th May saw the emergence of our first Emperor Dragonflies. Neil Gregory spotted this immature male near Dowles Brook in the Wyre Forest and elsewhere in a pond near Minsterley good numbers of exuviae were…

2 more species on the wing…

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A slower couple of days (which gives me a chance to catch up!), but a sighting of Red-eyed Damselfly has been reported and elsewhere Steve Oates has seen White-legged Damselfly on the River Severn near…

Clubtails are emerging…

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Saturday 11th saw the first Clubtails emerging from the River Severn and these were beautifully photographed by Jan Shields at Frankwell. Shrewsbury is a great place to see these rare insects emerging along the river…