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2 more species on the wing…

By June 24, 2021Blog

Black Darters have been seen by Gareth and Nicole Lambe on Whixall Moss and they have sent in 2 lovely photos of females.  The upper photo shows clearly the black triangle shape on top of the thorax which helps split this species from Common Darter (with antehumeral stripes) and Ruddy Darter (with a black T shape). The lower photo shows us the 3 distinctive yellow spots on the side of the thorax and a prominent vulvar scale projecting from the underside near the end of the abdomen.

Elsewhere, Golden-ringed Dragonfly has also launched and been recorded by Charlie Bell on the Stiperstones. This is one of our most spectacular large species, but no photos at present so if you spot one hawking up and down a fast flowing stream and you manage to get a photo please do send it in.