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Common Hawker- female blue form

By July 27, 2021Blog

Andy Warr has been enjoying the dragonflies at Pole Cottage Pools on the Long Mynd and has come across the rarer female blue form of Common Hawker. Usually the females are brown with yellow spots as shown in the photograph below left so this is a nice find! Andy also took this lovely flight shot of the male Common Hawker (below right) along with Emerald Damselfly (far below left) and a selection of great photos of Black Darter. The last 2 photos show a female on the right and a male on the left. Female darters can be challenging and in this case you need to look for the black triangle on top of the thorax and 3 yellow spots on the side. Distinctive inverted T shapes are also visible on segments 8 and 9 of the abdomen.