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Andy Warr has sent in some fabulous in-flight photos of Common Hawkers (left and below left) seen on Titterstone Clee Hill showing clearly the yellow costa on the wings and the narrow yet prominent antehumeral stripes. Andy also captured this Migrant Hawker (below right) on Catherton Common. If you look closely you can see the diagnostic yellow golf tee shape at the top of the abdomen and notice how the dragonfly is ‘banking’ to turn but the head remains completely level!

We can take a closer look at a male Migrant Hawker thanks to Mike Averill’s photo (far below left) taken in the Wyre Forest. Here the reduced antehumeral stripes can be seen in contrast to those of the male Common Hawkers above. And just because it was another great photo I’ve added the Golden-ringed Dragonfly seen by Andy also at Catherton Common- a lovely illustration of striking green eyes coming together at a point -very different to the broad contact seen between the eyes of Common Hawker.