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Keeled Skimmer on the wing

By August 17, 2016Blog

Finally a bit of summertime and with it some Keeled Skimmers. I checked a remote site for these insects about a month ago with no success so was very pleased when I returned to the Long Mynd yesterday to see 3 males on the wing-much later than expected. Keeled Skimmers are hopefully also on the wing at Cramer Gutter (see the sites page) and if you’re off to Whixall keep an eye out as we’ve had a few possible sightings there over the years -but no photo yet… Speaking of photos, this one was taken by Bob Kemp and illustrates the male far better than my own efforts! I did however manage one good photo yesterday of a magnificent Golden Ringed Dragonfly up at Wildmoor Pool (see below). The insect must have known it was dealing with a total amateur and gave me at least 5 minutes to get a photo!