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Great weather for dragonflies…

By May 28, 2020Blog

Paul Spear has been out and about in the sunshine at Coalbrookdale and taken some glorious photos. The male Banded Demoiselle (left) looks stunning when captured with all 4 wings visible- leaving us in no doubt about the bands! Clubtails (below left) were also there in reasonable numbers along with the first Blue-tailed Damselflies. Paul also took this photo (below right) of a male Common Blue Damselfly in flight showing clearly the broad antehumeral stripes, the ‘mushroom shape’ on segment 2 of the abdomen and the solid blue at the end of the abdomen. Broad-bodied Chasers are also very much on the wing at the moment- the male photographed by Paul (far below left) and the female photographed by Jan Shields (far below right) at Snailbeach Reservoir- a stunning insect!