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Clubtails & Demoiselles in Shrewsbury…

By May 12, 2022Blog

The first Common Clubtails for this year have been seen emerging from the River Severn in Shrewsbury. Mike Ashton saw this individual sadly looking worse for wear near the main car park. It’s worth keeping an eye out when in The Quarry  as you can sometimes see mature larvae walking up the boards of the fishing platforms and emerging right in front of you.

Mike also took a lovely photo of a Banded Demoiselle (below left). This is still the mature larvae finding a suitable spot prior to emergence. If it was just the exuvia you would be able to see visible white threads which are the old tracheal linings. Always make sure before you collect an exuvia that it is just that and not an adult about to emerge..or you could be standing around for some time!