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Common Darter male

The purpose of this blog is to keep dragonfly enthusiasts up to date with dragonfly activity throughout the season. This way we should all know first hand what’s on the wing in Shropshire.


All are very welcome to be part of this seasonal diary. Get in touch at with sightings and photographs so I can post them on the blog. Even if you’re new to dragonflies and not sure what you have photographed please send it in and get involved in the 2018 Shropshire Dragonfly Watch.

Keeled Skimmers at Cramer Gutter

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Good to hear a few of you have been visiting Cramer Gutter and enjoying the Keeled Skimmers. David Goodwin took these lovely photos of the male (left) and female- looking rather drab and probably ‘over mature’ when the colours can become quite dark. David also saw Golden Ringed still on the wing and a good number of Common Darter as seen below (right). Jan Shields took a great shot of Keeled Skimmer eyes and also saw Golden Ringed, Common Darter, Migrant Hawker and the fabulous Southern Hawker shown below.

Incidentally, David tried to find Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly on Titterstone Clee Hill to no avail. To date I have received no species records for this rarity this year and they still may just be about….

Fabulous Common Hawker pic!

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A lovely photo of Common Hawker in flight sent in by Stephen Barlow at Whixall Moss – clearly showing the yellow costa on the wings and the narrow yet prominent antehumeral stripes.

Hawkers on high…

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An interesting mix of Hawker sightings following this weekend. Jan Shields has sent in this lovely photo of Migrant hawker in flight at Mousecroft Pool near Shrewsbury -clearly showing the diagnostic reduced antehumeral stripes and golf tee shape at the top of the abdomen. David Williams also sent in the 2 photos below; an interesting female Southern Hawker (left) with unusually blue spots on the abdomen and a dare devil Common Blue Damselfly taking a relaxing break on the back of an ovipositing Brown Hawker!

I also received this lovely shot of Southern Hawkers in cop – with the female showing the more usual brown and green coloration.

Migrant Hawker on the wing

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Migrant Hawker has finally been spotted on the Shropshire side of Whixall Moss on 15th August by Stephen Barlow. Stephen also reports good numbers of Common Darter now on the wing and I can certainly confirm that from my garden pond in Shrewsbury. Darting around elsewhere (sorry!) Ron Parnell has taken this lovely shot of Black Darters in cop up at Pole Cottage Pools on the Long Mynd.

Dodging the showers…

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In the sunny patches this August some of you are still managing some lovely photos. This Common Darter was photographed by Gareth Thomas in Ludlow and clearly shows the diagnostic yellow stripe on the black legs and the lack of a frons side line on the ‘face area’. Jan Shields also took some great Darter shots below -Common (left) and Ruddy Darter on the right- with solid black legs. Jan was also lucky to see Emperor, Brown Hawkers and Southern Hawker….but still no Migrant Hawker…in fact no records of Migrant in Shropshire at all yet….

Stephen Barlow reports numbers of dragons and damselflies at Whixall Moss are low again for the time of year, most likely due to the great British summer! Despite this he has sent in this photo of a female Emerald Damselfly (notably not holding her wings at 45 degrees as they usually do) and a couple of fabulous in flight Common Hawker shots.

Species recorded in 2018…

Nothing yet….